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Important Reminders

·          A copy of the assessment or denial of refund letter should accompany the petition upon filing of an appeal.  Failure to do so will delay the processing of your petition.

  The rules for ProHac Vice have changed pursuant to the West Virginia State Bar (the “State Bar”) Rule 8.0.  First, the fee is now $350 per attorney, per case, and it is good for a period of one year.  In addition, these applications for admission must be first submitted to the State Bar in accordance with their rules.  Once the filing fee has been paid, the representative should file, with this office, an appropriate request for admission by the court.  PLEASE NOTE:   The State Bar now publishes these submissions on its web page.  Because cases before the West Virginia Office of Tax Appeals (“OTA”) are confidential, OTA encourages attorney representatives to ensure that their respective client names are not inadvertently published during this process.  In the event we notice an improper publication of confidential taxpayer information, OTA will take steps to have the State Bar remove the confidential data.  However, it is your responsibility to maintain your client’s confidentiality when filing the pro hac vice applications.  This Tribunal has no control nor can we be responsible for third party publications of taxpayer information.  OTA will process the orders that grant admission before the court and will remove the taxpayer names accordingly. For more information regarding this subject, please refer to the WV Bar webpage at            

·          Your case cannot be discussed with anyone other than you or your duly appointed representative (by power of attorney form).  Cases before the Office of Tax Appeals are confidential.

·         Downloadable forms and Procedural Rules are posted on this website for taxpayer convenience